UniDict Mod for Minecraft 1.17.1/1.16.5/1.15.2

UniDict Mod 1.17.1/1.16.5/1.15.2 is one of those minecraft mods which have been created to ensure that everything in the world of minecraft is unified in the best possible way. Whenever modded minecraft is being played, there is always the possibility of getting items such as lead, tin, copper, silver and lots more. The thing is that there are mods which can have these resource which makes it possible for you to have the same of them in your world. Although you can make use of Mine Tweaker in having everything modified this will always be done manually rather than automatically.

With the presence of UniDict mod, the output of all your recipes will be easily standardized. This will not only affect every crafting table recipe but also machines will be affected in various mods. There are other items that it can easily have unified to ensure a better gaming experience. These could be metals, gems and even other resources such as Obsidian dust, Coal, Sulfur and lots more. This is one mod that you really need to try out if you want to experience the true fun – filled nature of minecraft as a game. A trial will have you definitely convinced of what it can bring to your world.


UniDict mod has been developed to help minecraft players such as you have various items in their worlds unified in the best possible way. It does this in an automatic way which is rather less time consuming.


  • AbyssalCraft (Transmutator)
  • Advanced Rocketry (All Machines)
  • Blood Magic (Alchemy Table)
  • Embers (Stamper)
  • Immersive Engineering (Arc Furnace, Blast Furnace, Crusher, Metal Press)
  • Industrial Craft 2 (Macerator, Thermal Centrifuge, Compressor, Blast Furnace)
  • Mekanism (Crusher, Enrichment Chamber, Metallurgic Infuser)
  • Refined Storage (Solderer)
  • Tech Reborn (All Machines)
  • Thermal Expansion (Compactor, Fractionating Still, Pulverizer, Redstone Furnace, Induction Smelter).
  • Vanilla (Crafting, Furnace)

How to install UniDict Mod

This guide will explain how to install UniDict Mod for Minecraft 1.17.1/1.16.5/1.15.2 and older versions.

  1. Update you Minecraft for the mod version.
  2. Download and install Minecraft Forge API.
  3. Download the Mod file bellow.
  4. Open the Mods folder, for that go in Start and Run: %appdata%.minecraft/mods.
  5. Drag the downloaded Mod.jar into the “mods” folder.
  6. Open your Minecraft launcher and make sure to use the profile the forge api created.

Download UniDict Mod for Minecraft 1.17.1/1.16.5/1.15.2

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Download Links UniDict Mod for 1.12, 1.11.2, 1.10.2 and 1.7.10