Modern HD Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.13/1.12.2/1.11.2/1.10.2

Modern HD Resource Pack 1.11.2 and 1.12 is a very beautiful texture that changes everything in your minecraft, a new GUI, new fonts, fully refurbished game and sounds for the game.
It is one of the most complete textures for minecraft with a futuristic design, sophisticated and modern, all absolutely all this texture with this well crafted texture.

Modern HD Resource Pack
If you like mansions, modern houses, so that texture was created for you, do not worry about the version of your minecraft, this texture is often updated and corrected.
See the images below and download it yourself, this beautiful texture to your Minecraft, download links and installation tutorial are below. Modern HD Resource Pack was created by mikeyto1o, and is compatible with Minecraft 1.11, 1.10.x, 1.9.x, 1.8.x and 1.7.x.

Modern HD Resource Pack 2 Modern HD Resource Pack 3 Modern HD Resource Pack 4 Modern HD Resource Pack 5

Modern HD Resource Pack 1.11.2 Features & Changelog

  • New HD Textures for all block in the game.
  • Support for many experience enhancing mods, such as:
    • The Connected Textures mod (CTM)
    • The Better Skies Mod
    • Random Textures Mod
    • Natural Textures mod
    • Better Glass Mod
    • Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders
    • And many more!
  • New Guis, some items, a great new font, and after 1.6, new sounds for the game.
  • Support from many great modern builders, including Keralis!
  • New Textures and Features coming out every update!

With this changelog you see some of the latest alterations for this new version!

For Minecraft 1.11

  • Textures for 1.11 added!
  • Grass/foliage color tweaked!
  • Animations improved!
A smaller update to fill in the remaining textures for minecraft 1.10.
Also includes:

  • New Elytra textures
  • New grass colors
  • Frost walker boots ice textures
  • Recolored wood logs
  • And much more!

Modern HD Resource Pack 1.11.2 Installation

This guide will explain how to install Modern HD Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.11 and older versions. All download links can be find below.

  1. Download the Modern HD Resource Pack.
  2. Download OptiFine or MCPatcher.
  3. For MCPatcher HD:
    1. In the main patcher window, click the Add (+) button.
    2. Select the zip file containing the Texture you wish to apply.
    3. Click ‘Patch’ button.
  4. For OptiFine:
    1. after installing it, open your minecraft launcher.
    2. Click on Options -> Resource Packs -> open up the “Resource packs folder”.
    3. Drag the .zip file of your Texture Pack into the ‘resourcepacks’ folder.
    4. Done!

If you do not like this resource pack and want to try another, I recommend you Sensecraft resource pack which was also updated to Minecraft 1.11 and is very beautiful.

Note: If your minecraft “Crash” initializing a resource pack means you did something wrong, or your computer does not fulfill the minimum requirements. Check the version of your OptiFine, and see if really OptiFine is running with your minecraft, also recommend seeing your version of Java, it updates often and it is essential to have minecraft with the power graph at most.

Note²: If you are still having problems to download or install the file, do not hesitate to ask for help in the comments below, we will respond in less than 24 hours.

Download Modern HD Texture Pack for Minecraft

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“All Resource Packs (Texture Packs) on this site are posted on third party sites, or were not hosted by us, we keep the original download link created by the creator, follow the download links below. If the version that you want to download is not listed in the download links below, visit the official Modern HD Resource Pack – Minecraft Thread. If you were still not able to find the right version for you, please leave us a comment and we will be providing the download link.”


  1. Why is it everyone says these resource packs are for 1.11 and don’t have the correct version to download, don’t include the new blocks for 1.11 and don’t have the right value for the pack.mcmeta file (3 for 1.11, 2 for 1.10 and 1 for 1.9)? Really frustrating looking everywhere for this and even here it isn’t updated but someone says it is. Seems none of them are really ready including Modern HD and the ones being referred to to check out. If you are going to say it supports 1.11, at least put a link with the correct file download (and the content to match the release).

  2. I don’t know either Liam – this is a nice resource pack and would love to promote it to my players and worlds. I just got an email saying 1.11 version of this Resource Pack is available, the page shows 1.11, but there is no download link for it. All links point to either the 64 pixel version and 1.10 only. If you are going to announce or say it is for 1.11, the least you should do is actually make a download link for it.

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