Minecraft 1.14.2/1.13.2/1.12.2 Exploration Update – New Blocks, Mobs, Villager, Manssion

Minecraft 1.14.2 Exploration Update is the new update for Minecraft so beloved, this is a relavitamente update greater than 1.10 however still a small update.
The focus in this update as the name suggests is the exploration of the world, many interesting news have been added, and you will give a little bit of each of them now.


Observer Block
A big news is that you can now simply be notified when a plantation just grow, such as pumpkin and watermelon, to make a mechanism using the new block called Observer Block, to make a link to Redstone and connect to the block when a these seeds evolve soon you will have fireworks flying through the air, in addition to innovative is very beautiful.
Shulker Box is the name of the new Bau that will save the lives of many people, this item also is a material, and a mob, all following the same name, the game added a new mob calling Shulker that to be dead drop Shulker Shells that can be used to craft Shulker boxes and bags. When creating a bau with this material, the big difference is that if you have several items within the bau, and for some reason this bau break or is destroyed, all items still remain within your block, it is very useful in estremos cases .

Shulker Box
Crafted using a bag in medium with 2 Shulker shells, one above and one at the bottom thereof. It has 27 slots. When destroyed, not drop content, but stores them in the item block, as well as backpacks. It can be placed within another. It can be used with funnels, eyedropper and distributors, as well as any other item. Breaking item form when pushed with a piston.
Curse Enchantments
Also have added some new spells, which by default Podems er found somewhere in matters of chests and dropped by mobs, however careful you never know what kind of curse that has your equipment or your sword, some of the curse are death, so you use cursed tool can be automatically killed.
Basically charms are added, but rather a positive effect, carry a negative effect. The items with a curse will disappear after death, rather than fall, regardless of keepInventory gamerule, so be aware that you can lose everything in your enventario. Items with a curse will be on your player until they break, they can not be removed manually. Death will make you drop this item.

Locate Command
A new command has been added, you’ll Find the nearest structure, such as End or City Nether Fortress (EndCity, NetherFortress). to use this command just type in chat for the executor command.
/ Locate <StructureType> [x y z OR selector]


Cartographers, Treasure Maps and Woodland Exploration Map
Cartographer were added in Minecraft, they are villagers, which in some emerald can sell you very valuable maps. Treasure Maps and Woodland Exploration Map are some new modes in Minecraft. When buying a map with the cartographer, will be indicated on the map the structure, and there begins an adventure even find its structure were not revealed what can happen when entering a treasure hunt structure. If you bought the Woodland Exploitation map, some new structures will be added, and one of which was announced in MINECON is the Woodland Mansion, randomly generated in forest is made of wood practically is a very beautiful and big mansion, however not everything so is joy, this manssao spawn three new mobs, Evoker, Vindicator and Vex.

Totem of Undying
Dropped by evokers, this will save your life when you receive a mortal blow, it gives regeneration and absorption for a couple of seconds. It shows a “particle”, as the curse of an Elder Guardian.

This is a new animal added, it is a passifico mob that will attack only in pure defense, Spawning naturally.
It can be mounted, and instead of a saddle can be fitted with a carpet of any color as donkeys can be equipped with a bag which has 6 slots, the mob has its own soms. The mob has various colorful skins.

Minecraft 1.14.2 Exploration Update Announced by Mojang

These are the first real news published by Mojang Team trough of MINECON California in 2016, if you like please share with your friends and relatives, and come to version 1.14.2. Thank you!

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