How To Install Minecraft 1.16 on Mac OS / PC

Hello fans and followers of the Minecraft Ore site, today I will do a somewhat different tutorial (How to Download and Install Minecraft 1.16 on Mac OS using original Launcher and Launcher Free). As of today we will be starting a new type of tutorials for our site, we will bring tutorials for players who use the Mac operating system, if you like this type of content, please comment below so we can know your opinion.

How to Install Minecraft 1.16 on Mac

  1. First you will need to download Java for Minecraft to work properly, you can download it here, the installation is simple and you will not have any difficulties.
  2. After installing Java you are ready to download the original Minecraft Launcher for Mac OS X (Links at the end of the tutorial).
  3. After downloading Minecraf, when trying to open the launcher, will open a window asking you to move this file to the “Applications” folder just drag it to the folder and wait.


  4. Go into your applications folder you will find the Minecraft, open it.
  5. An update process will start, wait!


  6. When the download is complete the launcher will automatically open asking you to fill in your login, fill in!


  7. Your launcher is ready and you can download the version of minecraft you want, I will download minecraft 1.12, so download is just click on “Play”.


  8. When the download is complete the minecraft will open automatically and you can already create your world and have a lot of fun.
Minecraft 1.12 running on Mac OS

The installation process is very simple, but if you have difficulties comment below on your problem and we will respond in less than 24H.

Download links Minecraft 1.16 For Mac

Minecraft Free – Mac

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