How To Install Minecraft Mods 1.18.2/1.18/1.17.1 Easily – Updated

Want to learn how to install minecraft mods 1.18.2/1.18/1.17.1 easily? So you’re in the right place, take a break in this adult video that I know you’re watching right now, and let’s go.
The way that mods are dominating the gaming world is really impressive, most of the current games already have compatibility with mods, it is a form of improvements to the game that although they were never imagined by the game developers, it is created by the Players that makes them into creative ideas and that end up improving more and more the game, this is part of Minecraft, which today has thousands of developers who are always attentive Minecraft updates.

We here at MinecraftOre have thousands of minecraft mods to download, and we are dedicated to putting a mine tutorial explanatory in each of the posts, but hundreds of people still have doubts and do not know how to install their favorite minecraft mods that is why we created this explanatory tutorial For you, without further delay let’s go to the tutorial.


How To Install Minecraft 1.16 Mods Easily

  1. Before installing some mod you have to make sure the version of this mod, if you downloaded in our site or in some other site always look for the most updated version.
  2. To start you’ll need to upgrade your minecraft to the mod version.
    • Open your Minecraft Launcher, click Edit Profile, go to Use Version and choose the mod version, Save Profile and press PLAY to start the download, when the minecraft opens, close it.
Minecraft Update Version
  • After you’ve done that step, your minecraft is already up to date, the vast majority of mods need Minecraft Forge, make sure you see if it really needs the forge, if it does not need you can skip that step. If your mod requires the forge api, it’s time to download it, download the Minecraft Forge.
    • Open the forge installer, choose the “Install Client” option and press “Ok”.
  • minecraft-forge-installation
    Minecraft Forge API
    Forge API installed successfully
  • If you received a message that the forge was successfully installed, then it is now time to install the Mod.
    • Go to the Windows start menu and type% appdata%, it will open a folder automatically, enter the .minecraft folder, you will see many other folders these are the minecraft files, look for a folder called “mods”, if it is not there Then you should create it and put the name of “mods” in lowercase and without the quotes, inside that folder you should put the mod you want to install (Remember that some mods require the installation of additional files to work, so you should put Them here too).
  • minecraft-folder
    Search for %appdata% to open Minecraft Folder.
    .minecraft folder
    .Minecraft Folder
    Minecraft Mods Folder Selection
    Minecraft Mods Folder.
  • If you have done everything correctly here, your game is already upgraded, forge api installed and the mod in the correct folder. There is a last step to play with the mods you must select the profile of the forge.
    • With your Minecraft Launcher open go to Edit Profile, and now you should choose the profile that Forge has installed, same as the image below, Save Profile and Play, wait for the game to open, if everything went well, you will see a screen as in the print below .
  • minecraft-forge-profile
    Minecraft Forge Profile.
  • Now you can play that everything will work correctly, have a good Game.
  • Well friends this is the tutorial of today you can also check other tutorials that we will be posting regularly for Minecraft, have a great game.