Extra Utilities Mod for Minecraft 1.18.2/1.18/1.17.1/1.15.2

Extra Utilities Mod 1.18.2/1.18/1.17.1/1.15.2 adds Several random utility purposes blocks and items to the Minecraft. If you want to get some additions as blocks and new tools in your Minecraft, to try something completely new, then you can not miss what offers Extra Utilities Mod. Just imagine functional blocks that you have not seen before.

Everyone knows that Minecraft is a great game. For you to take it to the next level all you need are some good old fashion Minecraft mods. There are Hundreds if not Thousands of mods, but there are some that shine.
You will instantly fall in love with this mod it offers the unique content and a wide variety of configurations meant to brighten up your gameplay.

extra utilities 2 mod 2
extra utilities 2

Some of its unique features are you can erect new structures in the air with the resource help Angel Block, fantastic for those who believe create a floating island, it adds a new dimension known as the deep dark, discarded items can be easily transported, you can expand blocks that are already compressed.

It Consists of a lot of things, we will go through the most important, and you can discover the rest. New blocks Have Been added and you can use any of Them as you go around and place Them almost anywhere you would like. For example the angel that block needs to stand on the surface.

extra utilities 2 mod
Some items Have Been added to make your life easier. One of These is the destruction pickaxe que is five times faster When Compared to the diamond pickaxe When used on regular stone, enough said.
You can even benefit from the texture pack that brings high definition to the game. You are free to use it for the Extra Utilities you can use this mod in any public or private modpack just make sure credit is given.

Extra Utilities Features


  •  Golden Bag of Holding: A double-chest size worth of portable inventory.
  •  Golden Lasso: Captures passive mobs for convenient relocation.
  •  Paint Brush: Used to paint Colored Bricks and Colored Oak Wood Planks.
  •  Division Sigil: Used to do ancient rituals.
  •  Unstable Ingot: A dangerous item use at own risk.
  •  Etheric Sword: Bypasses all armor.
  •  Destruction Pickaxe: 5× faster than a Diamond Pickaxe destroying stone (no drop). Ineffective on other blocks.
  •  Erosion Shovel: Eliminates sand and gravel that is above the block being dug. Does not drop resources.
  •  Healing Axe: Regenerates hunger, but gives health to hit target. Turns zombie villagers back into villagers.
  •  Reversing Hoe: Reverses the stages of wheat. Turns dirt into grass, and cobblestone into stone.
  •  Builder’s Wand: Faster way to build structures.
  •  Sonar Goggles: Outline all ores within 5m.
  •  Watering Can: Early-game alternative to Bone Meal. Infinite use directly on crops.


  • Angel Block: a floating block that can be placed mid-air.
  • Blackout Curtains: keeps the light out of certain areas.
  • Block Update Detector: checks for block updates adjacent to it.
  • Chandelier: a light source that can hang from the ceiling. Prevents mob spawns within the area of effect.
  • Colored Bricks: bricks painted with one of 16 colour dye.
  • Wood Planks: Wood Planks painted with one of 16 colour dye.
  • Compressed Cobblestone: for convenient storage.
  • Conveyor Belt: a way to move items and mobs.
  • Cursed Earth: mobs will spawn at a much faster rate on this block.
  • Ender-Thermic Pump: an efficient Lava pump.
  • Ender Quarry: an efficient resource mining machine.
  • Ethereal Glass: Players can walk through, mobs cannot.
  • Filter Pipe: filters the items that go through.
  • Generators: produce Redstone Flux from various materials, and keep their charge when removed.
    •  Culinary Generator: consumes food as fuel, with high filling food providing more power and high saturation food lasting longer.
    •  Ender Generator (Extra Utilities): consumes Ender Pearls as fuel.
    •  Furnace Generator: consumes standard furnace fuel.
    •  Heated Redstone Generator: consumes both Redstone and Lava.
    •  High-temperature Furnace Generator: consumes standard furnace fuel, increasing its energy output over time as it heats up.
    •  Lava Generator: consumes Lava as fuel.
    •  Nether Star Generator: quickly consumes Nether Stars to produce a huge amount of energy. Damages nearby entities.
    •  Pink Generator: consumes pink coloured items as fuel.
    •  Potions Generator: consumes potions, with more complicated potions producing more energy.
    •  Solar Generator: produces energy when exposed to sunlight, charges in daytime, generates at night time (default).
    •  Survivalist Generator: consumes standard furnace fuel. Cheap and efficient, but produces energy very slowly.
    •  TNT Generator: consumes Gunpowder or TNT as fuel. Damages nearby entities.
  • Lapis Caelestis: expensive block with only one color texture and no borders.
  • Magnum Torch: disables mob spawning within a large area of effect.
  • Peaceful Table: for peaceful mode Players to obtain mob drops.
  • Rain Muffler: silences rain drop sound effects within the area of effect.
  • Redstone Clock: generates a Redstone pulse.
  • Sound Muffler: dampens sounds within a small area of effect.
  • Sorting Pipe: inserts items into an adjacent inventory if it is empty or the same type present.
  • Spikes: giant pointy spikes that deal damage.
  • Trading Post: displays the trading GUI of any Villagers nearby.
  • Transfer Node: transfer items, liquids, or energy.
  • Trash Can: deletes items inserted.
  • Filing Cabinet: stores 270 items with the same item ID.
  • Filing Cabinet (Advanced): stores 540 items that do not stack but have the same item ID.

Update Logs:

  • Version 1.1.0k
    • Fixed: Connected textures being flipped on bottom sides
    • Fixed: Trading Post packet splitting code crash
    • Fixed: Bedrockium Recipe mistake
    • Fixed: MFR Integration not registering itself properly
    • Refactor: Minor changes to Angel Block code to help support custom block-placing permissions
  • Version 1.1.0j
    • Changed: Bedrockium ingot recipe
    • Changed: Power drain multipliers of quarry upgrades
    • Changed: Renamed Creative Builders Wand to Super Builders Wands
    • Changed: Doubled the base power level of potion generators
    • Fixed: Ender quarry only accepting a max of 1000 RF/T
    • Fixed: Ender-Transmitter registry crash
    • Fixed: Added behind-the-scenes SideOnly support to various classes

Extra Utilities 2 Mod Showcase

Extra Utilities 2 Mod Installation 1.18.2/1.18/1.17.1

This guide will explain how to install Extra Utilities Mod for Minecraft 1.11 and older versions. All download links can be find below.

  1. Find the appropriate Minecraft Forge API version.
  2. The downloaded file is an automatic installer; when you run it, make sure you select “client”.
  3. When the Forge installation is done, open the Minecraft launcher and click “Edit Profile” -> “Use Version” . There should be an option named after the Forge version you installed. Choose that and click “Save Profile”.
  4. Close you Minecraft Launcher.
  5. Download the latest version of Extra Utilities 2 Mod.
  6. Open the Minecraft launcher, press “Edit Profile” and then “open game dir” to open your Minecraft folder, open the mods folder and place the mod file there. If there is not a mods folder, create and name the folder accordingly before placing the file inside.
    • Do not extract or unzip the file.
  7. Now just boot up Minecraft.
  8. Enjoy!

Note: If you are still having problems to download or install the file, do not hesitate to ask for help in the comments below, we will respond in less than 24 hours.

Download Extra Utilities 2 Mod 1.18.2/1.18/1.17.1/1.15.2

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