Advanced Rocketry Mod for Minecraft 1.17.1/1.16.5/1.15.2

Advanced Rocketry Mod 1.17.1/1.16.5/1.15.2 is something that has been brought into existence to enable those minecraft players that are craving to bring their creativity into the game of minecraft. It does this by giving them a platform where they can do some stuff that are out of this world. Minecraft is limited in lots of ways but with the advent of different mods, players can do things that are extra ordinary at their own pace.

Do you want to explore the celestial bodies of this game? Or would like to have a rocket of your own built? It is a mod that has been designed to help you display your creative abilities in the world of minecraft. It is such a great mod that will make you have that experience that you have been craving for in your adventure.

This has some mechanics that are very complex to understand. This means that it is not a mod to be used by new and inexperienced minecraft players. However, if you can learn how to make use of it in the best possible way, there is no limit as to how you can explore your world.

Imagine a mod that allows you to build a rocket of your own and adding features that you feel will make it stand out. Also, you will be able to fully explore planets, their different solar systems and even moons. All these will be done with the aid of warships and rockets.

Current features implemented

  1. Modular rockets
  2. Planetary research (currently being redesigned)
  3. Asteroid mining missions
  4. Multiblock machines to create parts.
  5. Supports RF (and IC2 support for multiblocks)
  6. Satellites (Data Sats.)
  7. Space Stations
  8. Multiple solar systems
  9. XML planet specification (see

Advanced Rocketry Mod 1.16 Installation

This guide will explain how to install Advanced Rocketry Mod for Minecraft 1.11, 1.11.2 and older versions. All download links can be find below.

  1. Update you Minecraft for the mod version.
  2. Download and install Minecraft Forge API.
  3. Download the Advanced Rocketry file.
  4. Open the Mods folder, for that go in Start and Run: %appdata%.minecraft/mods.
  5. Drag the downloaded Advanced-Rocketry-x.x.x.jar into the “mods” folder.
  6. Open your Minecraft launcher and make sure to use the profile the forge api created.

Note: If you are still having problems to download or install the file, do not hesitate to ask for help in the comments below, we will respond in less than 24 hours.

Download Advanced Rocketry Mod for Minecraft 1.17.1/1.16.5/1.15.2

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Download Links Advanced Rocketry Mod for 1.11.2, 1.11, 1.10.2 and 1.7.10